About Us

Three Decades ago, Bhawarlal Jain found his passion in producing Sarees. He not just wanted to be the best in material and quality, but he sought that ‘one’ thing that could take the experience of wearing a saree, into a celebration. He explored design, print, embroidery and more to finally cultivate a balance that adorned different attitudes with a signature spark. Meghdoot, a trade-showroom for sarees was born in 1974 at Bangalore.
Globally admired for prints and embroidery, it only reflects the synergy when dynamism blends with perfection. Meghdoot has a strong in-house design team. Because we understand that outlooks are robust, yet styles evolve forever…
Our design cell carries the mandate to design today’s moods and define tomorrow’s trends.
All our endeavors have one focus, ‘to create opportunities for you, our channel partners, through a superlative consumer-experience. And each endeavor is empowered by ‘passion’. Because we believe, if there is one force that can make every impossible, possible, it is passion!