How to take care of Cotton Sarees

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Cotton fabric is one of the most predominant in our wardrobe. Each one of us has plenty of ethnic sarees that are made in cotton.

Taking care of cotton fabric is pretty straightforward. All you need is a little bit of extra care and you can preserve your cotton clothing for years at a stretch. Let us go through some quick ways of keeping cotton fabric like new forever. The best part is that majority of these can be done easily at home.

Wash regularly

We often underestimate the impact that regular and skillful washing can have on an outfit. Cotton saree should be washed regularly with a special emphasis on removing stains and dirt. Machine wash is one option, but then there is nothing like delicate and mild hand wash of the saree. Don’t forget to use a fabric conditioner in every wash.

Choose good quality products

Use a high-quality detergent to rub the tight areas of cotton clothing, such as underarms and shirt collars and sleeves. Also, take care to ensure that light colored cotton fabric is never brought into contact with dark colored clothes. This can lead to discoloration, and is, therefore, best avoided.

Avoid sun exposure

The best way to prevent cotton fabric from fading out is to prevent direct exposure to sunlight. Even after you have washed the clothing, dry it in air, but in a place where there is shade. Too much of sunlight is damaging to the color of the fabric, and will gradually wear it out. Preventing exposure to sunlight is a very effective way of keeping cotton fabric new forever.

Iron and Steam

You can prevent the formation of unwanted wrinkles and creases on cotton fabric through regular ironing and steaming habits. These keep the clothing wrinkle-free and make it look fresh and new. You can seek professional services as well for getting the steaming process done for cotton clothes.

Proper storage

Cotton fabric can stay new for long if stored properly. Usually, the material remains well in mild temperatures with minimum moisture in the air. Another good practice that you can follow when it comes to storage is to place cotton clothing on hangers instead of loosely putting them in a pile. Also, it is a good idea if you can store cotton separately from dark colored clothing or woolens, which can take the sheen off the fabric.

Other cleaning instructions

Apart from the regular washing care that we already discussed, it is also important that you use cold or lukewarm water to wash cotton fabric. This will help to keep the color intensity intact. You should also try and wash the clothes inside out, especially if you are using machine washing for the fabric. This will help to reduce the wear and tear in your clothes.

Prevent shrinkage

Cotton fabric tends to develop reduction. Most of the times, this happens during the drying process. So you should try and air dry your cotton clothes, as already discussed. This will prevent shrinkage, and, therefore, help you to preserve the fabric for many years to come.

Follow these instructions and we guarantee that all your cotton clothing will be in pristine form for a long time!

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