International Women’s Day: 10 Gifting Ideas

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Finally, March 8 is round the corner symbolizing the International Women’s Day! Before we go further into this matter, let us ask you a question. Have you ever thought what world would look like without women? Empty, barren, horrible, ghastly, mundane, etc. are to name a few.

When you start your morning, you ask your mom for breakfast and what not! By afternoon you let your wife/girlfriend listen to your non-stop talks. When at home, you tease your sister for no reasons. When hanging out, you accompany your female friend(s) for those entertainment-filled memories!

What all this stands for? The answer is simple, if the world is beautiful, it’s just because of the women who reserve a special place in our life! 8th March Women’s Day is a day that rejoices women’s economic, social, cultural and political accomplishment all over the world.

If we peep into international women’s day history, then we find that in 1909 it was observed as the National Women’s Day in New York on 28th Feb. In 1910, international women’s day came into existence by the socialist international meet in Copenhagen. However, there wasn’t a fixed date for the observance. In 1911, International Women’s Day was marked on 19th March for the first time in countries like Germany, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland where millions of men and women marched in rallies in which they demanded to end the discrimination against women at workplace. During 1913-14, Russian women celebrated their first IWD on last Sunday in February. Again in 1917, Russian women chose the backdrop of the 1st World War and protested for “Bread and Peace” on February’s last Sunday. During 1975, following international women’s year, the UN started rejoicing International women’s day on 8th March.

Well, now come back to the present after history and let’s think of exciting women’s day celebration ideas. Although day cannot be enough to appreciate the efforts of women, but at least we can make them feel special and make them realize that we care not just for one day but forever!

Be prepared to celebrate the world women’s day in India with below-mentioned gifts! We are sure the most important women in your life be it your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, friend or colleague will rejoice this shower of love from your side!

  1. Gift a Book Based on Her Interest:
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    If you want to empower the women in your life, gift a book of her choice. There is nothing as better as a book for an avid reader. Be it your sister or mom, if she loves reading, just find out her genre and gift the same. From biographies to autobiographies, science, technology, travel, spirituality, management, novel and so on there are many books across many categories. However, for a change you can gift her women-centric books as well.
    Trust us a book is one of the best gift ideas for women’s day celebration.
  2. Let Her Relaxed at Home with a Luxurious Bath & Body Hamper:
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    Every woman be it a working professional or housewife deserves her fair share of relaxation. Why don’t you let your mom, sis, wife, girlfriend or friend wind down at home with a luxurious home-based spa treatment! Gift her a luxurious gift hamper of various bath and body products including essential oil, body wash gel, moisturizer, body scrub, sea salt and more. Remember, a personalized gift hamper goes a long way to surprise the recipient.
    Add a personal note of “Happy Women’s Day” or “With Love to the Most Important Woman in My Life” is something that will surely WOW her!
    Make this International Women’s Day 2017 extra special with a little creativity and personal touch!
  3. Support Her Active Lifestyle with Sportswear or Gym Wear:
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    We all want to stay healthy, fit and fine, so as women. This 8th March Women’s Day, let her know that you care for their well-being. Gift her active-wear like sportswear or gym wear to inspire her take a step forward for personal health. Often women forget their own self just to fulfilling our needs. Remind them that you think of their fitness as your first priority by giving them their favorite sportswear or gym wear.
    When they would cuddle into these active-wear during their workout or sports activity, it would really remind them of your thoughtfulness.
  4. Add to Her Enjoyment with Mobile Accessories:
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    Mobile is the best technological innovation to stay connected. And you know what the accessories that this communication device comes with work as the best gifts for women! So, it’s time to accompany her mobile device with some wonderful accessories. There is no dearth of ideas as you can select from earphones to headphones, Bluetooth speakers, mobile stand, VR box, universal charger, MP3 player and more. There is literally a wide range of accessories and combos to make this Women’s Day special for her!
  5. Help Her Alleviate Stress with Massagers and Healers:
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    How about relieving her pain and aiding her faster recovery with a thoughtful gift this International Women’s Day? Massagers and healers help reconnect with the body by eradicating common aches and pains resulting from prolonged sitting, standing, or working. Look for a good range of manual to automatic massagers to let the lady in your life feel truly loved.
    There is a huge range of options available such as acupuncture massagers, deep heat massager, acupressure roller, pain relief roller, thermal heating pad and more.
  6. Gift Her a Bag of Her Choice:
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    Whether she loves traveling or is a working woman, let her carry her essentials easily by gifting a backpack or a chic handbag. Women are fond of a few things when it comes to fashion. And a handbag is one of such things.
    A handbag whether its duffel, tote, sling, shoulder, clutch or hobo, makes one of the best women’s day celebration gift ideas. The fun thing is that no matter how many bags a woman may own, she can never have enough! So, go get a bag packed beautifully for the woman in your life this Women’s Day!
  7. Appreciate Her Presence in your Life with a Watch:
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    Watches are timeless yet classic gifts. This Women’s Day 2017, appreciate her presence in your life with a designer watch made exclusively for her. There are innumerable watches for women in black to silver and gold with intricate design and functionality. Also, there are smart watches for women that you can consider as the best gifts for her.
  8. Let her Persona Ooze with Indian Wear:
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    As the world women’s day celebration in India is gaining momentum slowly, why to lag behind! Show her that you care. Send her an amazing Indian dress that she wanted to have since a long time back. Women’s love for Indian wear isn’t hidden. Be it a kurta, an ethnic dress, a fusion wear or even a saree, choose the one that you think would bring a smile on her face. As there are many options out there, be specific of her choice and get the one quite suitable for her tastes.
    In India, giving new clothes a long-standing tradition, this women’s day, embrace this tradition and make her happy!
  9. Make a Personalized Gift for Her:
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    Don’t let your feelings left unsaid this Women’s Day! Instead, say them with a personalized gift! Personalized gifts are the one in which you add a touch of your own thoughts. Get it personalized with her favorite quote, text, picture or name etc. in the context of women’s day. Personalization makes your gifts stand out.
    And as you’re adding your own feelings in it, the recipient is surely going to cherish it!
  10. Wish Women’s Day with Flowers:
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    Honour all the powerful women in your life with flowers! Yes, flowers are the perfect women’s day celebration ideas! They make the most heartfelt gifts ever which without uttering a word let you say a thousand words!
    Did you know that flowers are a symbol of international women’s day? Men honor their wives, girlfriends, mothers, colleagues, friends etc. by sending flowers. You can also celebrate this day by delivery flowers to her via a local or online florist. You can choose flowers like lilies, roses, orchids, tulips, gerberas and more to brighten up her day. Tulips and sunflowers stand for achievement and opportunity, so it would be really a great idea to include these flowers in the bouquet or floral arrangement you would like to send.
    Also, don’t forget to consider your relationship with the recipient to send appreciate flowers this women’s day!

Last but not least, the best gift of all for women on international women’s day is your support, your time, appreciation and love! Encourage every woman in your life, give her the gift of freedom. Defy the odds and let her live her life to the fullest, do whatever she likes.

It’s the women who make the world cheerful. They make the world vibrant. They are the inspiration behind many and all that takes place. Women are the pillars of strength, the central force who bind the family into a lovable relationship. Celebrate their presence in your life everyday.

Bow down to the women who stand firm against various circumstances, obstacles, sacrifices and make the world a beautiful place to live!

Kudos to their inner strength. Happy Women’s Day!!! Let equality prevail!

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